The best of both worlds.

A 50cl bottle of 57% contemporary gin with bold smoky savoury notes, richly textured flavours of grainy cereals, cream soda, brown sugar and ginger spice. Lingering peppery smoke on the palate, flowing through to a finish of juniper and pine.

The complexity of VS Gin is revealed when sipped neat over ice, but it is equally well suited to mixing in contemporary cocktails, or with tonic (suggest London Essence co.) or ginger ale. Contained within a black decanter-style bottle, embellished with a hand made pewter ‘seal’.

Plus, a 70cl of 40% smoked rum containing a complex blend of three rums – Three Year Old Dominican republic (column still), Jamaican high-ester funk (pot still), and Caribbean white rum (pot and column blend).

Infused with three British botanicals – elderflower, gorse and oats. Oak smoked for the duration of three spring tides. A uniquely ‘grown up’ spiced rum to be sipped over ice, mixed in contemporary cocktails, or used in classic rum / mixer combinations to bring deep smoky complexity.