Beaufort Spirit Gunpowder Gimlet

Gunpowder Gimlet


  • 40ml Beaufort Fifty Seven Smoked Sipping Gin
  • 40ml Smoked Lime Sherbet
  • 15ml Cold Brew Gunpowder Tea
  • Few drops of Squid Ink


Lime Sherbert: Wash 3 whole limes in hot water to remove wax from peel. Squeeze juice from 3 limes. Do not discard lime husks. Strain/filter juice of pulp and discard pulp. Weigh filtered lime juice and add same amount by weight of white sugar. Place lime/sugar mixture in pan on low heat. Add lime husks to pan and cook until warm (not hot) and sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool. Remove husks. Pour into small bottle. Ready to use.

Smoked Lime Sherbert: Take Lime Sherbet from the recipe above and pour into deep sided oven tray. Cover with cling film. Poke small hole in cling film and direct smoke from cold smoker/smoking gun into the hole. Leave for 15 mins. Pour into small bottle. Ready to use. Alternatively, add a few drops of liquid smoke to Lime Sherbet. 

Cold Brew Gunpowder Tea: Add 1 Tbsp good quality Gunpowder Tea to 250ml cold water and place in refrigerator. Strain after 8-10 hours. Ready to drink/use. (We recommend Temple of Heaven)

Squid Ink: Add 10ml Cane Syrup 1:1 to 25ml Three Tides Rum and add 6 drops of Black Food Colouring. Pour into dropper bottle. Ready to use.


Combine the gin, smoked lime sherbet and gunpowder tea with ice in a cocktail shaker, shake for 15-20 seconds and fine strain. 

Serve in a Coupette glass.