Leo an Bertie the dog in a pub


Sat in a Soho bar in late September 2016 the team behind an upstart fragrance brand were having a drink. They had just finished a day presenting their latest products to the press and soon the conversation turned to what might come next for the brand.

What if we do a fragrance about gin?

Admiring the Hogarth prints on the walls and appreciating our ice cold drinks, it was suggested (in hushed tones): 'What if we do a fragrance about gin?'

'Wouldn’t doing a gin about fragrance be more fun?!'

BeauFort vs Gin logo cast

‘too difficult!’ ‘too done!’

At this point, the idea was shot down in flames by the assembled company – ‘too difficult!’ ‘market too saturated!’ ‘too done!’ – but while the voice of reason temporarily won, on reflection this brief conversation was something of a red rag to a bull for a team who liked to do things a little differently… and who quite frankly liked a bit of a challenge.

bartender pouring BeauFort vs Gin

A spirit that pushes boundaries

So the seed was planted, and in 2017 work began on assembling the team required to bring this idea to life… and BeauFort Spirit was established, launching its first expression in 2019, an overproof smoked gin that represented exploration of the shared processes of both fragrance and alcohol distillation; a refined spirit that pushes boundaries and at all times refuses to be boring.